20 x 20 White frame tent




This frame tent snaps together with frame type pieces and the top pulls over and attaches to frame. It has two peak poles that start at the eave height (8ft), so no poles come to the ground, leaving a large open area on the ground. The tent will stand up with no help once erected, but must be tied to ground with heavy metal stakes and straps or use our water barrels on a hard surface to tie them tight. Because these tent require heavy stakes and straps with several people and or our “canopy jacks” to erect, we are required to set them up for you at your location. They give good shade and cover from rain. Side walls are available for more shade or better look and security. Remember wind gusts can be the tent / canopies worst enemy, so carefully plan the setup and event timing. Once properly in place they will withstand fairly heavy weather.

Side walls for these tents come with or without vinyl windows and are rented separately. Additional charge maybe required for setup due to location.

Available for additional cost:
Side Walls 10ft (20) $25.00
Side Walls 20ft(20) $50.00
Water Barrels (56) $10 each


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